The question of Flamanville (Manche)

Sarko has already won next year's presidential election, as Holland is channeling, through Pierre Moscovici, that "François Hollande a pris un engagement que je redis ici : s'il est élu président de la République, nous ferons l'EPR de Flamanville" and "Nous ferons Flamanville, c'est une décision de François Hollande, c'est un acte de fermeté, c'est une position de principe, à condition bien sûr qu'il n'y ait pas de problème de sécurité".

Joining Moscovici are Michel Rocard and Arnaud Montebourg, and the Mouvement Républicain et Citoyen (MRC) candidate, Jean-Pierre Chevènement.

The narrow defeat of Martine Aubry, who championed the 35 hour work-week, spreading millions of jobs rather than creating mass unemployment, and universal medical coverage rather than maintaining structural illness and ill-health, by the "centerist" Hollande, in the PS primary, was unfortunate.

47% of the French electorate is now concerned about the fundamental safety of nukes, up from 45% at the start of the year.

Their Obama didn't "carry" the cacuses in Iowa or Texas

The early returns in today's Socialist Party primary are good. The two mainstream socialist candidates are tied, and the Obama-equivalent socialist-of-convenience is down with Manuel Vallis and Jean-Michelle Baylet in the weeds.

François Hollande (39%), Martine Aubry (31%), Arnaud Montebourg (17%) and Ségolène Royal (7%).


The Fourth Estate includes bloggers (in France)

Writing in, Mourad Guichard reports that the La Cour de cassation (the court of final appeal for civil and criminal matters) has ruled that Antoine Bardet, writing as "Fansolo", when publishing political satire -- imaginary statements of support for Serge Grouard (UMP), seeking re-election to the post of mayor of Orléans -- was protected by the law of 29 July 1881 relative to the liberty of the press.


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