Snow day. Updating DNS

The sound of rain diminished before dawn. Jonah went back to sleep and we awoke to snow. I spent the previous evening chasing down the crypto lib dependencies in openssl and kerberos to get warning free linker output when building bind9.9.0rc1. With that installed on ns{0,1}, this morning's chores are cleaning up zone files. Jonah's replacement camera, a cisco Flip, the first (I hope, oh holy UPS brown shorted dieties) of three warranty covered exchanges of the data-dead for the data-quick. He spent part of yesterday's skate time filming the VHS tapes at the Cass Park rink. His skating has vastly improved, and he fit right in with the Fall Creek Elementary kids, skating with his sister Kezzie and her friends.

This is the end of the second week of Jonah-at-home, his autism program at the middle school having utterly melted down before the break and the head teacher, only five months on the job, abruptly resigning. As in prior IEP go-arounds, my requests for instrumental music in the form of guitar, for music generally in the form of a chorus or music appreciation class, and for any kind of art were refused. New York doesn't cover "art therapy", and a disabled student who wants to do art work is, apparently, incapable of receiving art education services other than in a art therapy context. I suppose art and music are only for the "normal" students.

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