ICANN pads the tab

While the price of memory (cache, primary, and secondary), processing, and bandwidths (intra-system fabric and inter-system connect) follow Moore's Law's curve downwards, the Internet Society (ISOC), through its contractual entity, the Public Interest Registry (PIR) will increase it's prices on July 1st by 0.49 USD per domain per year. This follows Verisign's increase in it's .com and .net prices on January 1, 2012 by 0.51USD for .com and 0.46 USD for .net.

These increases in "consumer protection price caps" were approved by the ICANN Board, creating an additional $50m in profit (there are no increased costs, in fact, per-unit registry costs are declining, per Moore, so the profit is understated) for the incumbent for-profit monopoly operator Verisign, and the sole entity (ISOC+Afilias) to which ICANN has made a redelegation as a result of an open, competitive, bidding for renewal of a USG originated government interest contract.

Find any "public interest" in padding the tab, one hundred million times, each year, for as long as this network and its current resources to names mechanism lasts?

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